Favorite blogs, sites and articles

  • Brene Brown:
  • The Nature of Business:
  • Enlivening Edge:
  • Elephant Journal:
  • Conscious Leadership:
  • Joseph Campbell Lectures:
  • Fuller Buckminster Lectures:
  • Innovative Stories to change Education system:
  • A regenerative culture:


  • A BRIEF HISTORY OF EVERYTHING:  This is an account of a series of topics of controversial topics. From gender wars, multiculturalism, modern liberation movements, to the conflict between various spiritual approaches.
  • BEING A BRAIN-WISE THERAPIST:  Fundamentals of neuroanatomy. Includes scientific research about how kindness and mindfulness integrate the brain and heal long standing psychic wounding. 
  • CARE OF THE SOUL: One of my favorites! This reminds us of deeper wisdom and provides a modern approach to psychology that invites us to look into living a soulful life.  
  • CRADLE TO CRADLE: This is an inspiring story on how we can live in the world and take care of it at the same time.
  • COMING BACK TO LIFE: PRACTICES TO RECONNECT OUR LIVES, OUR WORLD: Practices that help us respond to our ecological crisis without falling into despair and inaction.
  • DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS: This provides a guide on how to have a difficult conversation. Practical and grounded.
  • EASTERN BODY, WESTERN MIND: This helps understand the Western approach to individual development in a structure of the chakra system.
  • EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Highlights the importance of a series of capabilities that are as important and at times more important than our IQ. Names self-awareness, self-discipline, and empathy as key skills for life.
  • ESSENTIAL SPIRITUALITY: A practical guide that shows how to explore and adopt seven common spiritual principles into our lives for fulfillment and wellbeing.
  • GETTING OUR BODIES BACK: Practical techniques to learn to listen to our bodies, confront addictive habits and recognize our own power. 
  • HOW TO READ HEIDEGGER:  A great intro to Heidegger’s work. It provides ideas on how to apply Heidegger’s work in your life. 
  • INVITATION TO LOVE: This is on “Centering Prayer”.
  • LEADERSHIP AND THE NEW SCIENCE: DISCOVERING ORDER IN A CHAOTIC WORLD: Great book by Margaret Wheatly on Leadership in complexity. 
  • LEADERSHIP EMBODIMENT: I love this book! Wendy Palmer has been a teacher. In this book she shares how to cultivate an embodied leadership that has the qualities of inclusion, deep listening and powerful speaking. 
  • MIND: A JOURNEY TO THE HEART OF BEING HUMAN: Great book where D. Siegel uses a phenomenological approach to describe his own experience of understanding Mind. He suggests Mind is not only the result of the brain function but also the interaction with others (in relationships) and our emotions. Brilliant.
  • NO BOUNDARY: A guide to the types of psychologies and therapies available from Western and Eastern sources, from psychoanalysis to Zen, existentialism to tantra.
  • NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATION: Very useful book!  It offers a framework to hold non-violent communication and gives you stories and samples for every day use. 
  • THE BREATHING BOOK: Practical guide for breathing techniques to enhance your physical and mental health.
  • THE DENIAL OF DEATH: This highlights a very human issue. Our denial and rejection of our mortality.
  • THE FIFTH DISCIPLINE: This speaks about organizational learning where people can learn and unlearn together to evolve into an agile, flexible, adaptive organization.  
  • THE HIGH PRICE OF MATERIALISM: A sobering, great book. It helps us awaken into why materialism is hurting our wellbeing and how to shift that.
  • THE LIFE WE ARE GIVEN: This is a program with a long-term practice for transforming body, mind, heart, and spirit.
  • THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE: THE BIOLOGICAL ROOTS OF HUMAN UNDERSTANDING: This is about "knowing how we know. A refreshing view of cognition with key social and ethical implications. 
  • THE WEB OF LIFE: A NEW SCIENTIFIC UNDERSTANDING OF LIVING SYSTEMS: It describes interrelationships and interdependence of psychological, biological, physical, social, and cultural phenomena as the "web of life."
  • THE WHOLENESS OF NATURE: GOETHE'S WAY OF SCIENCE: Life changing book where Bortof, a dear teacher, explains the interconnectedness of life. He gives a language to experiences that I did not know how to explain before.
  • THEORY U: A fantastic book that highlights complex issues of our world and how as humans we are behaving in a way that is producing the results no body wants. It offers a methodology, a framework and tools for individuals to create positive innovations that harness the collective intelligence and connect with something larger than us.