Luzette Jaimes


I am a global citizen interested in cultivating human potential and well-being for self, society and our planet. Particularly in times when that feels almost impossible to achieve.  

I have worked with social innovation worldwide mostly from Washington DC, Mexico, Egypt (during the Arab Spring) and UK and with extensive travel and projects in Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe.   

In this delightful and challenging journey I came to realize that absolutely everything we create as changemakers  (e.g. policy change, institutions, new systems, partnerships, grants, strategy, HR processes, etc), reflect hundred percent our inner state as human beings.    For instance, I have worked with leaders who are not self-aware and do not know the impact of their behavior on others. I have seen some leaders treat their staff terribly, to the point of abuse. Other leaders I have seen incapable of listening, really listening. Others I have observed are self-righteous, egocentric, narcissistic and dictatorial.  And other leaders I have seen only focus on getting things done, regardless of who suffers (or not) in the process. Many times, these leaders take themselves to burnout. The irony of this is that all of these leaders want to build something good for the world. And, I have also found some leaders who are quite conscious of the impact of their behavior on others and are intentional about how they live their lives and set their impact milestones. ALL of them have done some form of inner work, coaching, self-development, mindfulness, or any other development practice.  

And for the majority, even if we don’t see ourselves as leaders, I have a question: why, even though most of us want to create positive social change, some of us do not treat ourselves and others well in doing so, and do not create systems that foster being well and wellbeing?  This is happening throughout the world. We humans want to have a good life and keep our planet alive but our behaviors and our collective actions are producing results that nobody really wants.

I want to invite you to explore with us the possibility of having a conscious, thriving life that contributes to the greater good and gives you meaning! That has been my work for my self and now others.  



Neha Misra is a folk artist, a poet and social entrepreneur – the connecting thread being the north star of a life practicing “beauty” as a verb. Inspiration for Neha’s art comes from a childlike fascination with eye popping joyful colors that she traces to the rich tapestry of her life spread over both sides of the Atlantic. Her creations bring out an enchantment with the magic of nature and a deep interest in neuroscience to connect with the right brain- our spiritual and creative connection with the world within and without. As a visual artist, Neha lives for the nano seconds when someone looks at her art and gasps "Oh! the colors!" Why folk art? “Because it is earthy and truly democratic - of the people, by the people, for the people.” Why art? Because art is light in darkness. It is soul’s medicine. Poetry is a passage of finding words for the wordless. An act, foremost, of revealing ourselves to ourselves. Social entrepreneurship is shared light of a purposeful life. Into this tripod existence, Neha welcomes connections of curiosity, mystery and imagination.

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Image created by Neha Misra