Integral Coaching

  • Build your capacity to be with life as it comes

  • Gain access to tools and resources to help you live in the integrity that comes from being what you are

  • Get familiar with your beliefs, emotions, motivations, intentions, your relationship with your body, the context that you live in and your capacity and openness for change

  • Get to know yourself (self-awareness) and learn how to engage with life situations in a way that creates possibility, even in difficult moments (self-regulate and generate)

  • Learn to build a thriving and meaningful life. Connect with your gifts and learn how to use them to contribute to the greater good (create your right livelihood)

Resilience and Being-Well Tools: Moving from Fear to Love

  • Learn simple holistic wellness practices that help you tap into the wisdom of your own body, mind and spirit

  • Take ownership of your wellbeing

  • Learn to move from a fear-based way of being to a courageous, loving way of being

Conscious Leadership Mentoring

  • This is a match for you if you are working on social impact and you want to have a sounding board and guidance to help strengthen your leadership

Group Learning Experiences

  • Join our group gatherings

  • Practice and model with us a way of living that is meaningful and fulfilling

Stories of Wonder and Poetry

  • Share your stories of wonder and poetry with us

  • Read other stories to inspire you